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SPM Windpower came into existence in March 2006. SPM Windpower became Solar Wind Energy in January of 2013 after the owner pass on. I will continue to work in the alternative energy industry where I am able to provide all the required equipment for your Alternative Energy project.

I am able to provide all replacement parts for what was Soutwest Windpower Whisper 100 /200 and 500 small wind turbine.   I was able to became a Dealer with the new Company call Luminous Energy where they have improved the performance of  Whisper  100 /200 and the 500 product  by introducing new controllers for all the Whisper wind turbine and a new WindiStar 4500  a 4.5 Kw wind turbine.

 Luminous is well established around the world and we carry all of the their Small Wind Turbine  product ranging from 200Watt to 4.5 Kw.

We have work with other wind turbine Company to install a 50 Kw turbines. The 50 Kw wind turbine was installed in 2007 at the Kalamazoo Community College (KVCC) located just outside of the City Of Kalamazoo Michigan.  There it is used to teach what  Alternative Energy is about to the resident, small businesses, farms and Communities.   

 In July of 2006, SPM Windpower became a dealer for Southwest Windpower ho is no longer in business today. The  SKYSTREAM 3.7 was at it time the most popular Small wind turbine of it days. We currently performing service call and provide replacement parts to keep them operational.   

In October of 2007, we became members of the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) where we became certified installer of solar equipment..

Our goals are to EDUCATE and TEACH the importance of Renewable Alternative Energy to the future generation. We work to provide new equipment new ideas to are state government and to the Residents of the state of Michigan

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